Duke Energy Making Upgrades to Transmission Lattice Towers

Posted on: April 15, 2022

According to Duke Energy, work is underway to make important energy grid improvements in some Symmes Township neighborhoods. The project is designed to upgrade the existing transmission lattice towers in some of the easements to lengthen the life span of 144 lattice towers, enhancing their ability to provide the reliable power you expect.

As an important first step toward these upgrades, a two-person team will walk the line in late April to inspect lattice towers in the nearby easement area.  Following inspections, crews will return in early May to evaluate the structure legs and to install anti-corrosion equipment where possible.  On occasion, the teams may walk across your property to access the easement area.

Throughout the process this summer, they will:

  • Conduct an initial survey
  • Complete inspections
  • Install anti-corrosion equipment

To install anti-corrosion equipment, crews will:

  • Dig holes under the lattice tower approximately 1 1/2 feet in diameter and approximately 6 feet deep
  • Place a reinforced bag containing clay and magnesium in the hold and refill it
  • Attach the bag to the tower legs with wire that will draw the corrosive ions from the tower legs to the magnesium

Crews will also dig around the tower legs to inspect them for any needed repairs.  Safety awareness signs will also be posted on the towers as part of the maintenance activities and not due to the addition of the anti-corrosion equipment.  As a general safety rule, no one should touch or play around electrical infrastructure or equipment.  This work will be completed while the transmission line is in service, and no outages are anticipated.

If you want to provide feedback please contact Duke Energy at (888)827-5116 or go to

A copy of the map is provided here.