Emergency Services

Symmes Township provides emergency services with a contract with its partner agencies, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and the Loveland Symmes Fire Department.

Loveland-Symmes Fire Department

Loveland-Symmes Fire Department

Symmes Township has a contract with the Loveland Symmes Fire Department (a private company) to provide 24 hour per day, seven days per week fire and emergency medical services. Symmes Township owns all of its own fire and emergency apparatus, including fire trucks and ambulances, and owns and operates two fire stations which are located at the Symmes Township Safety Center, 8871 Weekly Lane and the Remington Fire Station, 9425 Loveland-Madeira Road. Symmes Township, with its partner the City of Loveland, also own and operate the Northeast Communication Center, which serves as the dispatch agency for police and fire calls within the Township. Residents may contact the dispatch center directly by dialing (513)677-7000, or of course, by dialing 911. The Loveland Symmes Fire Department operates under the leadership of Fire Chief Otto Huber. Further information may be obtained from the Loveland Symmes Fire Department at To view a public service video about the fire department click here.


Contact information

Chief Otto Huber     LSFD
Phone:   (513)583-3001

Public education is an essential tool for the promotion of fire safety. The Department helps prepare you for fire and medical emergency situations through the following programs:

  • CPR classes offered by certified LSFD instructors
  • Paramedics on Bikes - instituted to handle medical emergencies on the Little Miami Bike Trail and at special events. Bikes are equipped with first aid supplies, oxygen and heart monitors.
  • Pedi Med Program - operated in partnership with local schools and uses a database kept in LSFD emergency vehicles to insure that children with special needs receive prompt care specific to their medical history both at school or home.
  • Senior Med Program - allows responding paramedics to review crucial information prior to their arrival on an emergency call involving senior citizens.

Northeast Communications Center

Residents have direct access to their public safety providers 24-hours a day, 7-days a week through the Northeast Communications Center. The Center handles calls that don't require an immediate emergency response including: police reports, vehicle lockouts, auto accidents and minor illnesses or injuries. To reach the communications center dial (513)677-7000. Residents should continue to dial "911" when it is an emergency.