Administration Department

The Symmes Township Administrative office is located at 9323 Union Cemetery Road, Symmes Township, OH 45140-9312. Symmes Township Administration also operates the Symmes Township Safety Center, location of the District 3 Sheriff’s office and the Loveland Symmes Fire Department, at 8871 Weekly Lane, Symmes Township, OH 45249. The Township's Administration building is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except on State and Federal holidays.

The Administrator is responsible for implementing policy of the Township Board of Trustees and for overall Township operations. Finance, personnel, parks, events, cemetery and property maintenance functions are conducted by the Administration Department. The Administration Department also oversees vendor relationship and Township service contracts with the Hamilton County Sheriff, Loveland Symmes Fire Department and the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission.

Contact Information

Person/Department    Email   Phone
Administrative Office          
Kimberly A. Lapensee, Administrator   (513)683-6644
Luanne Felter, Assistant to the Administrator
      -Events, Property Maintenance, Web   (513)683-6644
 Kelli Flick, Assistant to the Administrator        (513)683-6644
Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission (Planning & Zoning)    
Thomas Stahlheber, Zoning Plans Examiner   (513)946-4470
Bryan Snyder, Development Services Admin.   (513)946-4464
Hamilton County Sheriff
Lt. Michael Tarr, District 3 Commander
Symmes Township Liaison Officer   (513)683-3444
Loveland-Symmes Fire Department    
Chief Otto Huber   (513)583-3001