Symmes Township History

Symmes Township

Symmes Township is situated in the northeast corner of Hamilton County. The Township was formed in 1824 from the eastern portion of Sycamore Township and bears the name of John Cleves Symmes (1742-1814) who, in 1788, made the "Miami Purchase" which led to the founding of Cincinnati.

An 1869 Symmes Township land map gives clues to some of our present-day areas.  The Harper family owned large tracts of land in the area now know as Harper's Station.  The Humphrey's gave us Humphrey Road and Humphrey Hills Subdivision.  Residents will recognize names such as Ann Enyart, Daniel Knicely, and a D. Ertel whose many fields were the inspiration for the road we call Fields Ertel.

Waldschmidt House, S.R. 126, Camp Dennison Neighborhood

There were several villages within Symmes Township but only a few are recognizable today. Symmes Station was the old Symmes Township "center" where Hopewell Road intersects with Loveland Madeira Road. Once called Polktown, Symmes Station had a church, fire station and the Township hall, which was used until 1975. Remington, located in the southwest corner of the Township, has retained its identity and is one of the sites of the Loveland Symmes Fire Department.

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